Timeline: 2 Mo.
Tags:  Exhibition, Research, Human-Centered Design
Team: Cameron Fahsholtz︎︎︎ Leah Anoush McCloskey︎︎︎
Tools: Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Research

Mind in Boat, an audiovisual experience celebrating UW coxswain legacy, technique, and tradition.


Developing a temporary installation that can honor the 100-year-old shell house’s structure︎︎︎, history, and future.


The coxswain becomes the guide not only of the rowing shell, but the visitor journey of the UW legacy as well. 

Inspired by Bobby Moch’s︎︎︎ story within Boys in the Boat, and the unique position that the coxswain holds on the team, we decided to craft an installation that resonated with the role.  

Coxswains are fascinating, with a specific physique, mentality, and training that diverges from the rower but still harmoniously melds within the team. Women are coxswains for men‘s teams, different schools have their own cadence and calls, and sometimes they have no clue the view ahead. But they lead from their calls, and it is from this idea of calls we found our installation’s calling.

⸺ An immersive, encapsulated audiovisual experience mimicking the vintage megaphone/cone, where people are invited to listen to coxswains recount tradition, legacy, and technique within the UW Shellhouse.


Sound idea and sounding good are two different things. 

Crafting an auditory experience is quite a different workspace than pushing pixels, especially within a former WWII aircraft hanger. But as we learned how to control the soundspace, it was like the coxswains were shouting at you right there as you frantically pull the shell forward. 


2022 ⸻ Mckayla Buckley