Timeline: 1 Year - Ongoing
Tags: UI/UX, Product Design, Brand Identity
Team: ︎︎︎Short of the Week
Tools: Figma, Research, Notion

Shortverse, creating a short film platform. 


Helping the next generation of short filmmakers to move faster, reach wider, and connect directly to bigger opportunities.


Building a platform that showcases shortfilms and facilitates meaningful connections between those that create and share them.

Shortverse seeks to abridge the gap between filmmakers and industry professionals through empowering the shortfilm community. This new platform centralizes promotion, forum, and accreditation in one place. Thus, accessibility, curation, discovery, diversity,and outreach come to the forefront on this new platform.


Shortverse embraces a modernized graphic futurism as an expression of it’s vision to act as a launchpad for shortfilm. 

By tapping into sci-fi nostalgia, and a bright, vibrant color palette with geometric contrasting graphics; shortverse celebrates shortfilm’s past while still bringing forward a unique and fresh presence as a social platform. 

The brand’s insignia is intended to mimic a mission patch from space/air travel. The mission patch design combines an S (that references the platform as a tool for shortfilm), and star (for the curated and award winning content the platform supports). 


Evolving communities, adapting to critique.

Catering content and the user experience to an audience full of critics within their own merit was definitely a difficult journey. However, landing on an adaptable identity that allows the films, creators, and their stunning content to shine with strong identifiablity was immensly fufilling! As we continue to rollout new features, conduct beta testing, and attain platform maturation, I believe that we’ve lain the groundwork for Shortverse to evolve effectively. 

Checkout Shortverse here 🚀


2022 ⸻ Mckayla Buckley