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The Des, bringing criminal justice to the frontlines


Using stories, logic, facts, and conversation, to break down walls and boundaries.

The Des is information, news, and voices from the frontlines of the criminal justice system. The stories we cover are the ones easier forgotten than read. We challenge you not to turn away and in return, we promise independent journalism. We invite you to learn with us and pay attention to some of the most silenced corners of America. It won’t be an easy or light-hearted read. But we guarantee The Des will change the way you see the United States.



Contrast against cacophany.

News can be hard and complex to digest, especially regarding criminal justice. So to sift through the cacophany that is justice media, visuals aim to create a focal. The focal is either created through a clear and/or centralized subject.
Overall, a distinctly human tone should be achieved.


Authentic and accessible.

The Des sought a modernized but off-beat identity. By utilizing type that could contrast against graffiti/tagging art, the visuals and storytelling brokeout beyond the structural bonds insinuated by this topic. Balancing discourse, focusing uplifting voice, and ensuring the community was heard was the priority.  This was one of my first forrays into a full identity build, and looking back on it refinements such as a stronger color pallette, and tighter mark would be my first change if given the chance. Additionally, working with actual graffiti artists to really evoke the off-street beat feel and honor their work for functional design assets!


2022 ⸻ Mckayla Buckley